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Skrill Support

Skrill Contact for General Issues

There are several ways to contact the Skrill Support. For general issues, calling is the fastest and most comfortable option to choose from, but you can also send them an email, contact via Skrill Homepage, Twitter or Facebook.

If you choose to contact support through email or their contact form, please use the mail address you are using for your account and add your account ID number. Your account ID number shows in your account overview when you log in and you can find it in the upper right corner.

Skrill Contact – Support Hotline

The fastest way to contact Skrill Support is to use their Hotline. Make sure to have your Skrill account ID number at the start of the call. Please enlarge this image to check the hotline you should choose from:


Skrill Contact – Email or Support Ticket

If your issue is not that urgent, you can send an email to help@skrill.com. VIP customers can use vip@skrill.com. You can also write a Skrill Support Ticket on the Skrill website and use their contact form.

In both cases you should receive an answer within 2-3 business days latest.

Skrill Contact – Social Media

To contact Skrill by using social media you can use the following links for their:

Skrill Support for Disabled Accounts

In case, your Skrill account is disabled for any reason, you will need to call the Skrill Support directly.

Please see the option above to get access to your account reinstated as soon as possible.

Lost or Stolen Skrill MasterCard

If your Skrill PrePaid MasterCard has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, please contact Skrill Support immediately at +44 (0) 203 308 2530 to cancel your card.

Please note that your funds can only be refunded for any kind of fraudulent use if you get the card cancelled as soon as possible.

Additional Support by eWO

If you are a registered client of us, we will be happy to help you get your support issues solved faster and help with any problems you might encounter.

Please contact us and we will check how we can help you out.