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Skrill Verification

Skrill Verification

Skrill recently changed its Skrill verification rules. Now the transaction limits can be taken off completely once the account is verified through an ID and proof of address or through any of the account verification options, like bank or credit card verification.

Firstly, we provide you with the fastest way for a full account verification for your new Skrill account. That way you will become a Skrill VIP within 48h with our help and you will get your outgoing transfer limits deleted completely. Below, the single possibilities to increase the outgoing transfer limits to 500,00 EUR through the Skrill verification are described.

By following the instructions below your account will be verified much faster and your transfer limits will be removed.

SKRILL Verification


Existing Client

If you are already a client of us, please send an email to skrill-info@dollarbajar.com and attach the front and back side of your ID card or passport and a recent utility bill (gas, electricity or any other household bill) or a bank statement, showing your full name and address and not older than 90 days and a selfie holding your passport or ID card next to your face.

Your account should be verified within 1-2 business days and when this is done you will NOT have ANY outgoing transaction limit anymore.

New Client

If you are not a client of us, make sure to join us for FREE and benefit from our fast-track verification, our 15 USD welcome bonus, lower VIP requirements, extra support and monthly bonuses.


Thanks to our connection to Skrill, we are able to get our clients upgraded to a higher Skrill VIP status easily.

If you are an exiting Skrill customer, you can request to get your Skrill account upgraded to a higher VIP Status using the following form.

Skrill VIP Upgrade – Conditions

For this manual Skrill VIP Upgrade, the overall sum of transfers you have made within 30days to any merchant counts.

Once you are upgraded, you will stay at the specific VIP status for the rest of the current quarter.

Simply fill in the followin form and we will take care of the Skrill VIP upgrade:

Please contact us if there might be any questions or problems with your Skrill verification or your account upgrade.